Class information

Group classes- maximum of 12 participants

The bigger group classes are limited to a maximum of 12 due to safety reasons. Body Control Pilates Association believes that Pilates can only be taught safely and effectively with this maximum number of people per class. More than that amount, misalignments may be missed, clients may be executing movements incorrectly and may be putting themselves under unnecessary risk.  Over the years Pilates has been taught in a variety of ways and in many different environments. Body Control Pilates adopts a very clinical, therapeutic approach which is taught in a slower and very precise way. The attention to detail is the only way of ensuring that you are working the correct muscle groups with balance and alignment, following the Pilates principles and actually addressing postural faults.

These classes are generally mixed ability but some do range from more beginner level classes through to more established advanced classes. I will advise you on which class would be most appropriate to your needs.