Pregnancy Pilates

As a Pilates teacher I can’t stress enough how beneficial and adaptive Pilates is for all areas of pregnancy. It helps to maintain the health of the growing baby, the health of the mother and helps prepare for the birthing process itself.

Pregnancy is a time of huge physical, emotional and musculoskeletal change, to which Pilates constantly adapts throughout the many stages.

Some of the benefits in more detail:

  • During pregnancy the mother experiences many changes, which Pilates helps her to understand and manage.
  • By strengthening your deep abdominal, back and  pelvic floor muscles, this will help support your skeleton, and provide it with the strength necessary to withhold the extra pressure. This usually helps pregnant women to avoid the lower back pain associated with pregnancy and promote improvement in their posture’ with ‘By strengthening the deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, the skeleton can be better supported, and provided with the strength necessary to withhold the extra pressure. This usually helps pregnant women to avoid the lower back pain associated with pregnancy and promote improvement in their posture.
  • Pilates improves balance and co-ordination, which is affected during pregnancy.
  • It increases proprioception (body awareness) of how to move in order to correct body mechanics and achieve the right muscle balance.
  • Throughout the three trimesters weightbearing is obviously increased and circulation is often compromised. Pilates prepares the body to meet those demands.
  • Joint instability can be a major issue during pregnancy, especially in the later stages, when ligamentous laxity (ligaments relaxing to allow for the birth and growth of the baby) occurs. By building your core stability, Pilates often prevents this from being a problem and helps abstain from back, sacroilliac and Pubic Symphysis pain.
  • It helps mothers meet the demands of labour and delivery, through beneficial beathing techniques, breath control and relaxation exercises, which can massively aid the birth and relieve the tension and pain of labour.
  • Pilates teaches mothers beneficial positions for labour, strengthens muscles relevant for those positions, such as squatting (helps open up the pelvis for the birth) and kneeling on hands and knees (takes weight of the baby off the spine and encourages the baby into a better birth position).
  • It provides strength in the upper body required during labour, for infant care and breastfeeding.
  • Pilates truly lays the foundations for mothers getting their figures back to normal after the birth, especially due to having stronger back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.
  • To have fun and relax whilst strengthening and stretching your body!
  • The social side of the class is also something to bear in mind. Many of my clients have loved being in a class with other pregnant women. They’ve found they can really relate to eachother, shared their experiences and advice, and have often made friends and stayed in touch after the birth.

Class information and beginning an ante-natal pregnancy Pilates class

You must, without exception, have permission from your doctor/midwife to continue or start exercise during pregnancy. Medical permission must then be sought throughout the pregnancy.

During your pregnancy I will aim to devise a safe and effective antenatal Pilates programme for you. With each trimester, there will be major postural and  phyiological changes, which will mean changing the exercises throughout the pregnancy. Considering these implications, I will give guidance to each client according to their stage in pregnancy.

My Training

I have trained with The Body Control Pilates Institute, of whose Association I am now a graduate and member.

I initially studied and qualified as a Level 3 Matwork teacher and Level 3 on the Register of Exercise Professionals Advanced Instructor. I have now gone on to qualify as a pre-natal pregnancy teacher as well as a Body Control reformer teacher.

I have undergone very in-depth and thorough training in working with pregnant mothers and work with the national guidelines for pregnancy and exercise. I have been trained by Lynne Robinson, who is famous for her many Pilates DVDs and books, especially Pilates for Pregnancy.

I teach in a variety of studios in Penwith, teaching mixed ability classes, small group sessions, 1:1 consultations and I am now also specialising in running pre-natal Pilates classes and 1:1s.

I work closely with many local health practitioners, i.e. physiotherapists, chiropractors and GPs, thus my clients span all age groups and levels of ability. They range from professional athletes and dancers to rehabilitation referrals and people who are simply looking to improve their overall wellbeing and fitness.

For details on class times, venues and availability contact Kate Newby on 07886 997743 or email at