Why Body Control

Why the BodyControl Pilates Method?
Body Control Pilates is one of the largest and most successful Pilates institutes in Europe. The UK is the first country in the world to have a national standard, governing the teaching of Pilates Matwork. The institute is endorsed by SkillsActive, the Register of Exercise professionals and is recognised by the European Health and Fitness Association. Body Control was the first provider to receive approval against this national standard.

Code of practice
All Body Control Pilates teachers must work to a strict Code of Practice that governs teaching standards and professional ethics. They are required to hold an up to date CPR certifications and valid insurance.

Professional development
The Body Control Association prides itself on professional development, which all teachers are required to undertake. As part of my professional development I continue to study and complete further courses, workshops and open days. Consequently I constantly develop my teaching quality and ability.

In order to renew annual membership to the Body Control Institute, all teachers must accumulate the required number of CPD (Continual Professional Development) points. This ensures, after teachers have qualified, they are all working to sustain the same high standards.

Class size
The bigger group classes are limited to a maximum of 12 due to safety reasons. Body Control Pilates Association believes that Pilates can only be taught safely and effectively with this maximum number of people per class. More than that amount, misalignments may be missed; clients may be executing movements incorrectly and may be putting themselves at unnecessary risk. Over the years Pilates has been taught in a variety of ways and in many different environments. Body Control Pilates takes adopts a very clinical, therapeutic approach, which is taught in a slower and very precise way. The attention to detail is the only way of ensuring that you are working the correct muscle groups with balance and alignment, following the Pilates principles and actually addressing postural faults.

Teaching quality
Some training providers simply teach the exercises to their trainee teachers, with not a lot of thought to how they may need to be adapted to individuals. Body Control Pilates teaches how to adapt the exercises to individual needs and levels of ability. Not only that, but Body Control Pilates teachers pay particular attention to how to actually create the movements efficiently, using the correct muscle groups.

They also adopt a progressive approach to the exercises. The average person would not be able to complete the full ‘classical Mat’ straight away. Therefore the exercises are broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Following these levels, and then gradually building up to the advanced exercises, is a much safer way to work.

Client assessment
Prior to starting Pilates, Body Control teachers gather information about each client. The information ranges from their Pilates/movement experience, to their medical history and any injuries that they have experienced. This ensures each person moves safely and isn’t going to be partaking in any movements they should be avoiding.