About Kate Newby

I discovered Pilates after it was recommended to me by my physiotherapist when I was 17. After years of competitive horse riding and long distance running I was experiencing knee, hip and lower back pain on a regular basis. I had a huge amount of muscle imbalance and misalignment. Following the recommendation I began Pilates and my body changed in more ways than I could ever have imagined. I was moving with more flexibility and strength, my running improved and it changed my entire posture and how I hold myself. Subsequently the pain I was experiencing disappeared; I was not only out of pain but totally in awe of what Pilates could achieve.

It became an enormous passion of mine and it seemed the most natural thing to want to teach it, and help others receive the true benefits of the Pilates method.

I then moved to London for a year to begin my teacher training with The Body Control Association. In December 2008, after successfully completing all elements of the Level 3 Matwork teacher training course, which included lectures, practical and theory examination and supervising teaching, I became a Qualified Matwork teacher.

As part of my constant development as a movement teacher, every year I attend Body Control workshops, courses and development weekends. This keeps me up to date with current standards, latest developments and keeps me inspired as a teacher.

I teach in a variety of studios in and around Penwith, teaching mixed ability classes, small group sessions including both Matwork and equipment Pilates, 1:1 consultations and antenatal 1:1s and small groups.

I work closely with many local health practitioners i.e. physiotherapists, chiropractors and GPs, thus my clients span all age groups and levels of ability. They range from professional athletes and dancers to rehabilitation referrals and people who are simply looking to improve their overall wellbeing and health through Pilates.

I design Pilates programmes for a variety of spinal disorders such as disc problems, facet joint syndrome, sciatica, osteoporosis and spondylosis. As well as postural abnormalities e.g. lordosis, scoliosis.

My Qualifications